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SharpView Mobile

Full control from your mobile device

Control on your hands

  • SharpView Mobile gives you access to any device in your SharpView system

  • Designed to be easy to use works in both orientation using your screen the best possible way


Manage multiple locations easily

  • Live event notifications from multiple sites

  • Focus on a single site or view all the cameras from all the sites at the same time

  • Arm / disarm your sites

Live and review recordings

  • Get live video from the selected camera or chose a date from the calendar to go to a specific time

  • Playback controls allows to move through the video in any direction

Camera control

  • Move the camera with the integrated controls

  • Point and shoot is also available drawing drawing a box on the video or tapping into it

Review events

  • Review all the events on the system easily

  • The event location will show if available

  • Any associated video will show next to the activation

Device status and control

  • Review the status of the device

  • Video, digital inputs, outputs

  • Activate a digital output from the phone to open a gate or a barrier

Control any device

Not only for cameras

  • Digital IO boards

  • Access control

  • Perimeter intrusion detection

  • Everything is available on the phone

System status

  • Get useful information about your system

  • Firmware version

  • CPU load

  • RAM usage

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