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SharpView Controller

What is SharpView?

  • Software security platform to manage and control any device

  • Designed to be easy to use

  • Helps the user identifying and tracking any activity on site

  • Client (multi-platform) / Server (enterprise class linux) architecture

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Device integration

  • Everything is GEO-REFERENCED to provide a exact location of any event

  • ONVIF profile S client compatible

  • Integration with other systems is key to build a successful ecosystem

    • Cameras
    • Access control
    • IO boards
    • PIR
    • PIDS
    • ANPR (in roadmap)
    • Video Analytics
    • ¿Which one are you looking for?

Really easy to use

  • Automatic device discovery

  • Easy configuration

  • Locating devices

    • Manually: drag and drop map configuration

    • Highly accurate camera auto calibration

Real time status viewer

Overview of the system status

  • Streaming status
  • Digital input / outputs
  • Disconnected devices
  • Battery

Event / Incident management

Obtain useful information

  • All the activity from the devices is registered in the system

  • Every event compiles all the information available (location, video, level, type)

  • When certain conditions are met, an event can generate an alarm or incident

Auto tracking

The system controls the cameras for you

  • When any sensor detects movement the system generates a track (configurable)

  • The system will automatically select one camera available and with line of sight to the location where the event was registered.

  • The position of the track will be in the center of the field of view of the sensor.

Higher quality events

  • An event includes:

    • The location of the activation

    • Footage of the camera or cameras that have been assigned to that activation

    • In case other static or PTZ cameras can see that activation they will also be included

Secure areas - detection / exclusion

Decide what do you want to protect

  • Surveillance based on geographical areas

  • Ignore events on non-important areas and focus your resources on areas of interest

Arming / disarming

  • The system can be armed or disarmed by:
  • System
  • Area
  • Device
  • Time schedule
  • Ignore events on disarmed areas or devices

Rule engine

High level user customised actions

  • Increase EFFECTIVENESS of the alarms detected by combining multiple inputs

  • The end user can customise how the system works


  • Schedule tasks periodically

    • Arming / disarming

    • Maintenance tasks

    • Reporting

    • … others

Assistance and Automatisation

Do more with less

  • Autonomous pan-tilt-zoom cameras control

  • Optimal usage of resources

  • Higher quality events, associate all the possible cameras recording an event in their field of view

  • The user gets:

    • Better information hence makes better decisions

    • Look only at the screens showing relevant activity

    • At all time knows where each camera is looking and where are the threats on site.


Total control

  • All the user activity is registered in the system
  • User session control
  • User actions and use of resources
  • Logs

Web access

Always available

  • System configuration on easy to use web interface

  • Always accesible from any device

  • Basic player for quick access

SharpView Manager

Advanced video and alarm management

  • Full Desktop VMS system available for major desktop operative systems

  • Live and Playback Video

  • Event Management

  • Backups

  • Multi-user, permissions, groups

  • Multi-Site

  • Video wall

SharpView Mobile app

Full control from the palm of your hand

  • Access your security system on the go

  • Multi site access

  • Device control and playback

  • Review events as they arrive

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Technology partners / Integrations

Our system integrates with many devices from multiple makes. And our philosophy is to stay open and get supported any device our customers demand. We can do that because our software has been designed to work with everything