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Who are we?

  • Buavi is a software company focused on the development of technology for CCTV, physical security, IoT (Internet of things) and automatic control systems

  • Composed by an small but dynamic team with more than 10 years of experience, always eager to help their customers to achieve their goals

  • If there is no way, we find it

Vision & Mission

  • In a world where people and assets integrity is more relevant every day, Buavi believes in the huge potential that technology brings to 24 / 7 security, and the automatization of repetitive and tedious tasks.

  • Because our mission is helping people to live safer and relaxed, registering, integrating and providing intelligence to any available device.

  • To sum up, our customers peace of mind is the essence of our existence. Hence, our goal is to be:

    • Open, because we want to work hand by hand with our customers understanding what are their problems
    • Approachable, because every customer is part of our family
    • Trustworthy, because delivering the right job at the right time generates satisfaction and confidence to our customers

Partners / Distributors

We believe that a strong relationship with our partners and distributors is key to serve the market and give our users the best possible service


Proud to serve our customers with all our energy and knowledge. We exists because of them and they give back staying with us for long - some of our customers have been with us for longer than 10 years, do you want to know why? contact us!