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Case Studies

Building Management in London

WOT Security

  • More than 300 cameras being recorded and controlled

  • Control room using SharpView VMS including video wall, camera controllers and keyboards

  • All type of cameras on site - static, PTZ and panoramic with multiple resolutions

Water utility company - remote site protection

Thames Water

  • Remote site secured using multiple PTZ cameras and thermal video analytics

  • Integration with PIS system from Harper Chalice

  • Alarms sent to control center and assigned security personnel

Solar farms protection

ROC Energy

  • 7 solar farms secured using Pharos Rapid Deployment kits

  • Video Analytics and Passive infrared detection

  • Alarm Receiving Center integrated using the SureView Platform

Event protection

Birmingham politics conference

  • Temporal installation of CCTV towers

  • Completely autonomous - batteries and 3G

  • Assisting police forces via email alarms and tablet viewer

Industry - Security & Productivity

Zaun Fencing

  • Management of +40 security cameras of all types

  • Integration with PIR and Radar system

  • Increase of productivity and improved safety in factory