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SharpView features compared version by version
Know what has changed, and what is coming!

Sharpview versions and Roadmap

Feature v1 v2 v3 v4
Multi-channel video recording
Linux support
Multi user
User groups
Web access
Basic PTZ Camera control
Basic Events & Actions
Task scheduler
User groups camera restrictions
Dual quality streaming
Incidents & Events
Point & Shoot for PTZ cameras
Automatic device discovery
NTP support
Gallagher CC
Arming / disarming
Named PTZ presets
Supports more than 8 channels per disk
64bits & ARM architectures support
Web Player
System & Device status viewer
Real-time mapping
Real-time offline mapping
Click on map to move a camera
Multi-lense camera support
Onvif Profile S support
Device time synchronization (NTP auto setup)
Harper Chalice PIDs Advanced
Multi vendor Radar support
ModBus support
Moxa I/O Board
Advantech I/O Board
Ethernet Genesis wireless PIR Basic Basic Advanced
Tensor Access Control Basic Advanced
Any devices geo-referencing
Points of interest (alternative to presets)
Auto camera location
Auto camera calibration
Secure & exclusion areas
Audio recording & playback
High quality events
Automatic tracking
Advanced rule engine
User sessions and auditory
Point to point TLS encryption
User defined certificates
Force secure protocol for all communications
Reporting In progress (Q4 2019)
ANPR management In progress (Q4 2019)
Advanced built-in Video analytics In progress (Q4 2019)
Master / Slave fail-over recorders In progress (Q4 2019)
Sharpview Manager
Windows, Mac and Linux
Multi Site
Centralized database
Multi User
User Groups
Multi-codec (JPEG, MPEG4, H264, H265)
Multi-camera layouts
Live & instant Playback
Backups Library
Export backup to video file
Backups including events
User defined tags
Thumbnail search
Post Video Analysis
Mapping system (static)
Views & Sequences
Video Wall
Export original backups with included player
Real-time maps
ONVIF auxiliary commands
Digital inputs viewer
Digital output control
Fisheye 360º video dewarping
Sharpview Mobile
Native Android app
PTZ camera control
Live & Playback
Point & Shoot
Basic Events
Native Apple iOS app
System status viewer
Full device status viewer
I/O control
Responsive / adaptable interface
9 way support
High quality events
Arm / disarm site