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About us

Who are we?

Who are we?
  • Buavi is a software company focused on the development of technology for CCTV, physical security, IoT (Internet of things) and automatic control systems

  • Composed by an small but dynamic team with more than 10 years of experience, always eager to help their customers to achieve their goals

  • If there is no way, we find it

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission
  • In a world where people and assets integrity is more relevant every day, Buavi believes in the huge potential that technology brings to 24 / 7 security, and the automatization of repetitive and tedious tasks.

  • Because our mission is helping people to live safer and relaxed, registering, integrating and providing intelligence to any available device.

  • To sum up, our customers peace of mind is the essence of our existence. Hence, our goal is to be:

    • Open, because we want to work hand by hand with our customers understanding what are their problems
    • Approachable, because every customer is part of our family
    • Trustworthy, because delivering the right job at the right time generates satisfaction and confidence to our customers


  • Security:

    • Public buildings

    • Schools

    • Hotels

    • Stadiums

    • Banks

    • Residential

  • Health and safety:

    • Industrial

    • Building sites

Building Management in London

WOT Security
Building Management in London
  • More than 300 cameras being recorded and controlled

  • Control room using SharpView VMS including video wall, camera controllers and keyboards

  • All type of cameras on site - static, PTZ and panoramic with multiple resolutions

Water utility company - remote site protection

Thames Water
Water utility company - remote site protection
  • Remote site secured using multiple PTZ cameras and thermal video analytics

  • Integration with PIS system from Harper Chalice

  • Alarms sent to control center and assigned security personnel

Solar farms protection

ROC Energy
Solar farms protection
  • 7 solar farms secured using Pharos Rapid Deployment kits

  • Video Analytics and Passive infrared detection

  • Alarm Receiving Center integrated using the SureView Platform

Event protection

Birmingham politics conference
Event protection
  • Temporal installation of CCTV towers

  • Completely autonomous - batteries and 3G

  • Assisting police forces via email alarms and tablet viewer

Industry - Security & Productivity

Zaun Fencing
Industry - Security & Productivity
  • Management of +40 security cameras of all types

  • Integration with PIR and Radar system

  • Increase of productivity and improved safety in factory


SharpView Security Platform

What is SharpView?

What is SharpView?
  • Software security platform to manage and control any device

  • Designed to be easy to use

  • Helps the user identifying and tracking any activity on site

  • Client (multi-platform) / Server (enterprise class linux) architecture

Device integration

Device integration
  • Everything is GEO-REFERENCED to provide a exact location of any event

  • ONVIF profile S client compatible

  • Integration with other systems is key to build a successful ecosystem

    • Cameras
    • Access control
    • IO boards
    • PIR
    • PIDS
    • ANPR (in roadmap)
    • Video Analytics
    • ¿Which one are you looking for?

Really easy to use

Really easy to use
  • Automatic device discovery

  • Easy configuration

  • Locating devices

    • Manually: drag and drop map configuration

    • Highly accurate camera auto calibration

Real time status viewer

Overview of the system status
Real time status viewer
  • Streaming status
  • Digital input / outputs
  • Disconnected devices
  • Battery

Event / Incident management

Obtain useful information
Event / Incident management
  • All the activity from the devices is registered in the system

  • Every event compiles all the information available (location, video, level, type)

  • When certain conditions are met, an event can generate an alarm or incident

Auto tracking

The system controls the cameras for you
  • When any sensor detects movement the system generates a track (configurable)

  • The system will automatically select one camera available and with line of sight to the location where the event was registered.

  • The position of the track will be in the center of the field of view of the sensor.

Higher quality events

  • An event includes:

    • The location of the activation

    • Footage of the camera or cameras that have been assigned to that activation

    • In case other static or PTZ cameras can see that activation they will also be included

Secure areas - detection / exclusion

Decide what do you want to protect
Secure areas - detection / exclusion
  • Surveillance based on geographical areas

  • Ignore events on non-important areas and focus your resources on areas of interest

Arming / disarming

Arming / disarming
  • The system can be armed or disarmed by:
    • System
    • Area
    • Device
    • Time schedule
  • Ignore events on disarmed areas or devices

Rule engine

High level user customised actions
Rule engine
  • Increase EFFECTIVENESS of the alarms detected by combining multiple inputs

  • The end user can customise how the system works

Rule engine


  • Schedule tasks periodically

    • Arming / disarming

    • Maintenance tasks

    • Reporting

    • … others

Assistance and Automatisation

Do more with less
Assistance and Automatisation
  • Autonomous pan-tilt-zoom cameras control

  • Optimal usage of resources

  • Higher quality events, associate all the possible cameras recording an event in their field of view

  • The user gets:

    • Better information hence makes better decisions

    • Look only at the screens showing relevant activity

    • At all time knows where each camera is looking and where are the threats on site.


Total control
  • All the user activity is registered in the system
  • User session control
  • User actions and use of resources
  • Logs

Web access

Always available
Web access
  • System configuration on easy to use web interface

  • Always accesible from any device

  • Basic player for quick access

SharpView Manager

Advanced video and alarm management
SharpView Manager
  • Full Desktop VMS system available for major desktop operative systems

  • Live and Playback Video

  • Event Management

  • Backups

  • Multi-user, permissions, groups

  • Multi-Site

  • Video wall

SharpView Mobile app

Full control from the palm of your hand
SharpView Mobile app
  • Access your security system on the go

  • Multi site access

  • Device control and playback

  • Review events as they arrive

Supported integrations (Jan 2019)

  • Cameras: ONVIF Profile S, Bosch, Vista, Hikvision

  • Access control: Tensor

  • IO boards: Modbus => Adam, Moxa,

  • PIR: Luminite or any wired

  • PIDS: Harper Chalice (electric fence and vibration sensors)

  • Video Analytics: ONVIF Profile S


  • Add platform support for: ARM, Windows, Mac
  • Embedded Video analytics

  • Visual radar

  • Machine learning (heat mapping, data mining)

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Video Management made easy

  • SharpView Manager Professional displays all video formats, high quality MJPEG video can be viewed alongside low bandwidth MPEG4, H.264 and H.265 with all resolutions supported.

  • Events received from Access Control, Fire Alarms, Motion sensors and Intercoms can all be managed alongside CCTV. Security personnel can be alerted to specific events and have confidence in their system to carry out responses to alarms.

  • The user interface is configurable and subject to bandwidth, unlimited number of users can use SharpView Manager simultaneously from multiple sites.


Control on your hands
  • Recordings can be accessed by simple date and time entry for either a selected camera or all cameras in a multi-way view.

  • Full play controls including frame advance, slow motion replay, fast forward and rewind are readily available for users on the monitoring or review screens.

  • Save images (snapshots) as jpeg, instant go to printer, digital PTZ with preview window, create virtual cameras, mark incidents with Tags for instant access and review.

Multiple viewer options

Watch what you want where you want
Multiple viewer options
  • Configurable views from single full screen to 64 simultaneous channels per screen.

  • Sequences can be created with views of cameras and multi-camera views from any SharpView NVR.

  • All devices; IP cameras, NVRs, and alarms are represented either by classic tree view or by location groups.

Video Wall

Premium features included
Video Wall
  • Videos walls can be created from several screens driven from the work-stations with suitable graphics capability.

  • Drag & drop any camera, view or sequence to the video wall manager

Advanced Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Easier and better camera control
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras can be controlled easily using the standard PTZ controller or via USB joystick.

  • SharpView Manager solves multiple problems with latency and control accuracy by providing ‘point and shoot’ features.

  • The user can quickly point the camera to the target by using the mouse.

Incident and event management

Review incidentes in a few clicks
Incident and event management
  • Data received from detection devices displayed in live view as they are received and if associated with cameras, the related video can be re-played instantly.

  • Events could be video intelligence, motion detection alarms from cameras or PIR motion sensors, fire detectors, door entry systems, PIDs and RADAR.

Forensic and search tools

Save time searching for activity
Forensic and search tools
  • When you need to review a long period of footage to find a specific incident it’s normally a tedious process that can waste part of your day.

  • SharpView Manager includes different tools to quickly find what you are looking for in the video.

Backup and export

Download the recordings to your computer
Backup and export
  • Video clips and back ups can be downloaded from the recorder to the local hard disk or to any storage device on the network.

  • Downloaded clips can be further exported to .avi or .mov formats.

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Full control from your mobile device

Control on your hands
Full control from your mobile device
  • SharpView Mobile gives you access to any device in your SharpView system

  • Designed to be easy to use works in both orientation using your screen the best possible way


Manage multiple locations easily
  • Live event notifications from multiple sites

  • Focus on a single site or view all the cameras from all the sites at the same time

  • Arm / disarm your sites

Live and review recordings

Live and review recordings
  • Get live video from the selected camera or chose a date from the calendar to go to a specific time

  • Playback controls allows to move through the video in any direction

Camera control

Camera control
  • Move the camera with the integrated controls

  • Point and shoot is also available drawing drawing a box on the video or tapping into it

Review events

Review events
  • Review all the events on the system easily

  • The event location will show if available

  • Any associated video will show next to the activation

Device status and control

Device status and control
  • Review the status of the device

  • Video, digital inputs, outputs

  • Activate a digital output from the phone to open a gate or a barrier

Control any device

Not only for cameras
Control any device
  • Digital IO boards

  • Access control

  • Perimeter intrusion detection

  • Everything is available on the phone

System status

System status
  • Get useful information about your system

  • Firmware version

  • CPU load

  • RAM usage

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